Publisher Needed Now: Run This Macaroni KID Site

Step into a ready-made business and connect with your community as a Macaroni KID publisher

By Macaroni KID June 3, 2024

Exciting news – the chance to run your very own Macaroni KID site is here! This site needs a new publisher now. We need someone awesome like you to join us in being the go-to source for family fun in your area. 

With Macaroni KID you have the freedom to work from home and set your own schedule. You'll enjoy the unique advantage of being your own boss in a creative business, without the daunting task of starting from scratch.

Learn more now about becoming a Macaroni KID publisher for this town.

Our Macaroni KID publishers get to work their own schedule from their own homes.

We’ve lined up all the tools and training so you can dive in and shine from day one.

Are you ready to be the next big thing in your community? Here's a glimpse of what comes next as a new Macaroni KID publisher for this town:

🔑 A Ready-Made Platform: Step into a business that's already established, with a loyal reader base eagerly awaiting your weekly dose of local fun.

🚀 Comprehensive Training: Receive expert guidance and support every step of the way, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to excel.

🌟 Local Expertise: Become the authority on local family-friendly events and activities, connecting families with the heart of your community.

🤝 Community Engagement: Build meaningful relationships with local businesses, organizations, and families, fostering a sense of community that's both rewarding and fun.

💡 Creative Freedom: Express your creativity in designing events, newsletters, and content that reflects your unique perspective and passion for your community.

💰 Profitable Partnerships: Monetize your efforts without the hassle of inventory or commissions. Keep 100% of your sales and explore innovative ways to support and be supported by your community.

🌈 Dream Job Realized: Follow in the footsteps of our successful publishers, who have turned their love for their community into their dream job.

It's also important to know who we are NOT. Macaroni KID is NOT an affiliate company or a multi-level marketing (MLM) business. This is your very own business, and we provide you with the tools and support to get started and succeed.

This is your chance to join a vibrant network of publishers who are making a difference in their communities and enjoying the journey every step of the way. 

There is only one publisher spot available in this community, so claim it now.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Publisher Natasha Bethea Goodwin and her daughter on a hosted Macaroni KID trip to Disney World in 2023.

Apply today!